Practitioner and Patient Testimonials

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC, Plano, Texas

We have been using Arterosil in our cardiology practice for the last four months. I have approximately 30 patients, with my staff and myself also using the product. Our protocol is one capsule taken an hour before each meal.

Using pulse wave velocity analysis, we are seeing improvements in wave forms indicative of improved endothelial function. We see measurable improvement in arterial elasticity and eccentric contraction, which leads to improved blood flow and increased performance on cardio pulmonary exercise testing.  These improvements occur within 60 to 90 minutes of ingestion.

In addition, a significant number of users are reporting augmentation in sexual function.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with the results Arterosil is delivering in improving arterial health.

Sharon Higuchi, NP-C, Denver, CO

I have a familial hypercholesterolemia. I’m 52. My total cholesterol initially was 287. I took the product for 90 days and my total cholesterol now is 187. I was sold personally because I thought, “Okay, I got some facts on my own self.” Then I started putting my patients on it because I am so against statins.

We’re thrilled with Arterosil. It’s awesome. We try to put every single patient on it. And I hear from men that they’re having better erections, more blood flow.

David L. Payne, DO Tempe, AZ

I am a physician who has had what was thought to be Prinzmetal’s angina for over 20 years. It would occur only occasionally, especially when it was cold. Over the last decade, it gradually got more frequent but disappeared within a minute or so if I just stopped what I was doing and waited until it was gone. I recently had a severe concussion for which I was hospitalized. During my stay in the hospital, it was discovered that I had significant blockage of some of my coronary arteries to the point where I would possibly need bypass surgery in the future.

About that time, I learned of the glycocalyx-enhancing product called Arterosil®. I began taking it and noticed a gradual decrease in frequency and severity of the anginal episodes. At about four months, they were very infrequent, and now, at six months, I have not had any at all – even when climbing steep hills or bicycling. I am rather astounded and hope these results persist. I am taking a number of other supplements which are supposed to help with atherosclerotic vascular disease, but the really significant anti-anginal benefits did not occur until I began taking Arterosil. I can now get going on the process of bringing a very deconditioned body into better shape.

Dan Johnson, MD, Palm Springs, CA

I first took an interest in Arterosil because the majority of my patients have a significant degree of atherosclerosis and endothelial dysfunction.  I have some degree of both myself: three years ago, I had a near-fatal reaction to Advil and ended up with a badly weakened heart.

The day I got my first bottle of Arterosil, at a medical conference, I was experiencing some angina and shortness of breath and exercise intolerance. I immediately took a couple of Arterosil and started feeling better that same day.

Recently, I arrived home from a conference under horrendous stress, with sleep deprivation and two long flights. Unfortunately, in all the craziness, I hadn’t been taking Arterosil for about 2 weeks. I was driving home at 2 o’clock in the morning and I started having quite severe chest pain and shortness of breath. I had to pull over and call 911. They diagnosed ventricular tachycardia, put me in the ICU, got me stabilized. A couple of days later, I had severe bradycardia, pulse rate of 30, with a blood pressure of about 40/0, and I ended up with a pacemaker.

I called my wife from the ICU and I said, “I need you to smuggle in the Arterosil!” I told her where it was at home. I started taking the Arterosil, high doses very faithfully, two pills twice a day. I’m convinced that it played a significant role in my recovery. I’m back to normal now, working fulltime in my clinic and feeling fine.

Desmond Ebanks, MD, West Hartford, CT

Over the last 2 months, I had three patients try Arterosil.  Two have come in for follow-up MaxPulse tests and their results are dramatically improved.  The third is due to come in a couple of weeks. This is good stuff!

David Calvert, PhD, Scottsdale, AZ

I suffered from angina for many years and was taking many other supplements in an effort to reduce the symptoms. Since taking Arterosil I’ve had no angina. I wouldn’t miss a day without the product.

Wynford Dore, Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

Arterosil is awesome. Just had my big cardiology tests yesterday — my cardiologist is staggered.  She said that my heart is in better condition than 10 years ago and I have a heart age 20+ years less than my actual age.

Rod Atkins, Nashville, TN

I am amazed with the continued, rapid benefits of Arterosil. It has improved my clarity of thought, diminished if not eliminated neuropathy, improved ED issues, increased my stamina and libido, eliminated my cold, clammy feet. It even increased my desire to return to the gym. I just feel stronger and better. THANK YOU ARTEROSIL.”

Roger Hartgrave, Philadelphia, PA

“I have been taking Arterosil for about three months. I can walk normally again and I don’t wake up with pain in the night.  I am telling all my friends about this wonderful product.”