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Arterosil is offered exclusively through health care practitioners and provides you an excellent opportunity to expand your services.


Why should you offer Arterosil to your patients or clients?

  • Arterosil is only sold through Licensed Healthcare Providers
  • Expand options for your patients
  • Easy online ordering
  • Online patient store unique to your practice
  • No need to stock product at your clinic
  • Additional revenue for your practice

Arterosil has completed a Human Clinical Trial along with a variety of other tests and studies...

  • An independent clinical trial of Arterosil® was conducted with a group of healthy human subjects. It demonstrated measurable improvements in the glycocalyx following consumption of the supplement.
  • Tests using lab animals showed rhamnan sulfate reversed the leukocytes adherence to endothelium induced by enzymatic removal of glycocalyx (unpublished data).
  • A Japanese study demonstrated that daily supplementation of a crude rhamnan sulfate extract for 6 weeks significantly lowered total and LDL cholesterol in borderline or mild hypercholesterolemia human subjects.
  • Another study also from Japan later showed that oral administration of crude extract of rhamnan sulfate to carbohydrate-loaded rats significantly reduced their blood glucose level compared to the control animals.