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The only glycocalyx-regenerating product patented to stabilize and regress vulnerable plaque*

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Patented to stabilize and regress arterial plaque

The buildup of plaque in blood vessels can lead to devastating health outcomes. The clinically studied rare green seaweed found in Arterosil optimizes your body’s natural processes for regulating plaque in the arteries and promotes healthy circulation. The method by which Arterosil helps stabilize plaque is covered by US patent.


Clinically proven to protect and restore the endothelial glycocalyx

Emerging science is focusing on the endothelial glycocalyx, the slippery, micro-thin inner lining of every blood vessel in your body. A structure so newly discovered that many doctors are just learning about it! The health of your glycocalyx impacts every organ and every function in your body. 

How Your Endothelial Glycocalyx Works

Healthy/Unhealthy Endothelial Glycocalyx

The Importance of Healthy Blood Flow

Heart, brain, muscles, kidneys, liver, digestion, even sexual performance… Every organ and function in your body depends on healthy blood flow. And healthy blood flow depends on a robust endothelial glycocalyx. 

Not only does your glycocalyx prevent cholesterol and other harmful particles from getting lodged in your arteries, it’s also regulatory: it triggers nitric oxide production, blood coagulation, inflammatory responses in the vascular system, protects the blood vessels from arterial plaque, and many other key activities. 

Critical, Yet Fragile

Yet, this critical structure is fragile. The glycocalyx is easily damaged by many factors and activities in our daily lives from high blood glucose, to oxidative stress, inflammation, aging and many other diseases. 

That’s why taking proactive care of your endothelial glycocalyx is so important. 

Arterosil supports normal endothelial function, promotes a healthy heart, improves blood flow, and helps maintain blood pressure in normal range.* Arterosil also helps support normal erectile function in men.*  And, importantly, Arterosil optimizes the body’s natural processes for regulating plaque.*


*US Patent 11,135,238, issued October 5th, 2021