Your Glycocalyx: Why It Matters

The glycocalyx is a thin, smooth inner lining of every blood vessel in your body. It was discovered quite recently and its importance is increasingly recognized by doctors and scientists.

When the glycocalyx is healthy, your arteries are more flexible and blood flows more easily. When it is damaged, blockages can occur through cholesterol and other substances adhering to the blood vessel walls.

Benefits of a Healthy Glycocalyx

Your glycocalyx is important to many aspects of your health. Damage to the glycocalyx has been associated with

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney diseases
  • Stroke

People with a healthy glycocalyx report many day-to-day benefits, including better blood flow, greater energy, and clearer thinking.


How Arterosil Helps

Your glycocalyx is fragile — it is easily damaged by sugars, fats and stress. But it can repair itself when it receives the right nutrition.

Arterosil is based on a rare seaweed —
Monostroma nitidum — whose biochemistry is very similar to the glycocalyx.

When you consume this seaweed, your body uses it to rebuild the glycocalyx.

Human Clinical Trial Confirms the Benefits of Arterosil

A study of Arterosil was conducted by the respected research organization, Medicus. It demonstrated measurable improvements in the glycocalyx following consumption of the supplement.

There is additional research that establishes the multiple health benefits of rhamnan sulfate, the essential component found in Monostroma seaweed.

Read about the science behind Arterosil here.


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